• Symmetra Modules

      • Symmetra LX 4-post rack-mounting rails (p/n: SYAOPT1)
      • Symmetra LX module CTO kit- UPS Frame (p/n: SYAOPT2)
      • Symmetra LX module CTO kit- XR3 Frame (p/n: SYAOPT2XR3)
      • Symmetra LX module CTO kit- XR9 Frame (p/n: SYAOPT2XR9)
      • Symmetra LX basic battery cabinet cable (p/n: SYAOPT4)
      • Symmetra LX 4.5m battery cabinet cable (p/n: SYAOPT5I)
      • Summetra RM 8-12KVA Battery Module (p/n: SYBT3)
      • Symmetra RM Main Inetelligence Module (p/n: SYMIM3)
      • Symmetra Floor Mount Kit (Symmetra RM 2-6kVA can be placed outside of the rack utilizing this kit which includes side panels, castors and levelling feet. This kit provides mobility as well as stability to the solution) (p/n: SYOPT1)
      • Symmetra LX/Symmetra RM Two Post Rail Kit (p/n: SYOPT12)
      • Symmetra RM to SYRMXR4I 4 ft. Connector Cable Kit (p/n: SYOPT4I)
      • Symmetra RM 230V backplate kit w/(2) IEC320 C19 and (1) IEC 60309 (p/n: SYPD10)
      • Symmetra RM 220-240V Backplate Kit w/(8) IEC320 C13 & (2) IEC320 C19 (p/n: SYPD4)
      • Symmetra 208/240V Hardwire kit (p/n: SYPD6)
      • Symmetra RM 4-12 kVA N+1 Redundant Power Array UPS (p/n: SYPD8)
      • Symmetra RM 2-6kVA 230V Hardwire Kit (p/n: SYPD9)
      • Symmetra RM 8-12kVA Power Module (4kVA) (p/n: SYPM4KU)
      • Symmetra RM Redundant Intelligence Module (p/n: SYRIM3)
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