• SmartSlot UPS accessories

      • Bracket Kit, 0U PDU, Compaq/Dell (p/n: AP7400)
      • Sun brackets for AP9319 (p/n: AP9319X452)
      • Environmental Management System (p/n: AP9320)
      • Motion Sensor for use with the Environmental Management System (p/n: AP9322)
      • Smoke Sensor as part of the Environmental Management System (p/n: AP9323)
      • Alarm Beacon for the Environmental Management System (p/n: AP9324)
      • Leak Sensor as part of the Environmental Management System (p/n: AP9325)
      • Leak Sensor Extension Cable - 20 ft (6.1 m) (p/n: AP9326)
      • Temperature Sensor (p/n: AP9512TBLK)
      • Temperature & Humidity Sensor (p/n: AP9512THBLK)
      • Environmental Manager (p/n: AP9340)
      • Temperature & Humidity Expansion Module (p/n: AP9341)
      • MeasureUPS Switch Kit (p/n: AP9513)
      • Temperature Sensor with Display (p/n: AP9520T)
      • Temperature & Humidity Sensor with Display (p/n: AP9520TH)
      • SmartSlot Expander Module (Cabinet to fit in 1 additional SmartSlot Accessories) (p/n: AP9600)
      • SmartSlot Triple Chassis Black. Card chassis provides additional SmartSlots for UPSs. (p/n: AP9604BLK)
      • Interface Expander Card (UPS Monitoring of one UPS for max. 3 servers) (p/n: AP9607)
      • Interface Expander With Cables:(2) 940-0020 (Windows Cables) and (2) AP9823 (UNIX cables) (p/n: AP9607CB)
      • Out-of-band Management Card (Remote UPS Management via modem) (p/n: AP9608)
      • Relay I/O Card (intelligent communications via dry contact interface) (p/n: AP9610)
      • Environmental Monitoring SmartSlot Card (p/n: AP9612TH)
      • New Network Management Card with Environmental monitoring and Modem (p/n: AP9618)
      • ModBus/JBus Interface Card (p/n: AP9622)
      • 2-Post Mounting Kit for Smart-UPS and Symmetra (p/n: AP9625)
      • UPS Network Management Card 2 (p/n: AP9630)
      • UPS Network Management Card 2 with Environmental Monitoring (p/n: AP9631)
      • Dry Contact I/O Accessory (p/n: AP9810)
      • World Wide Emergency Power Off Nine Circuit System (p/n: EPW9)
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