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        • Interface for AS/400, model 9402, 9404 and 9406 (p/n: 940-0006)
        • Simple Signalling Interface cable for Windows NT, Novell, LAN Server, LANtastic, Pathworks(OS/2), LAN Manager (p/n: 940-0020)
        • Smart signalling Interface cable for Windows NT/2000/98, Novell Netware, AIX, Unix (all but Irix) to sell with AP9623 only (p/n: 940-0024)
        • Extension cable, Extends all Interface cables with about 5 meters (p/n: AP9815)
        • Simple signalling Interface cable for UNIX (Novell Unixware, SCO Unix, Linux etc.) (p/n: AP9823)
        • UPS Communication Linux Cable Kit (p/n: AP9824LJ)
        • Isolated Extension cable (p/n: AP9825I)
        • IBM Series I5 Cable (p/n: AP98274)
        • Cisco Unity Express UPS Simple Signaling Cable (p/n: AP9840)
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