• NetBotz Accessories & Sensors

      • Power supply univ 24V DC output (p/n: AP9505I)
      • NetBotz Universal Power Supply (p/n: NBAC0103)
      • NetBotz -48V Power Supply DC to DC (p/n: NBAC0105)
      • NetBotz Sensor Extender Cable LSZH - 50ft/15m (p/n: NBAC0106L)
      • NetBotz Sensor Extender Cable Plenum- 50ft/15m (p/n: NBAC0106P)
      • NetBotz Door Switch Cable Mini Din - 12ft/4m (p/n: NBAC0109)
      • NetBotz Sensor Extender Cable LSZH - 25ft/8m (p/n: NBAC0120L)
      • NetBotz Sensor Extender Cable Plenum - 25ft/8m (p/n: NBAC0120P)
      • NetBotz Dual Power Supply (-5V/3.3V) for NetBotz 500 (p/n: NBAC0122)
      • NetBotz Sensor Pod 120 Mounting Bracket (p/n: NBAC0206)
      • NetBotz 4-Port Cat5 Pod Extender (p/n: NBAC0208)
      • NetBotz USB Repeater Cable, LSZH - 16ft/5m (p/n: NBAC0209L)
      • NetBotz USB Extender Repeater Cable, Plenum - 16ft/5m (p/n: NBAC0209P)
      • NetBotz USB Cable, LSZH - 16ft/5m (p/n: NBAC0211L)
      • NetBotz USB Cable, Plenum-rated - 16ft/5m (p/n: NBAC0211P)
      • NetBotz Fiber Pod Extender - 1640ft/500m (p/n: NBAC0212)
      • NetBotz USB Latching Repeater Cable, LSZH - 5m (p/n: NBAC0213L)
      • NetBotz USB Latching Repeater Cable, Plenum - 5m (p/n: NBAC0213P)
      • NetBotz USB Latching Cable, LSZH - 5m (p/n: NBAC0214L)
      • NetBotz USB Latching Cable, Plenum - 5m (p/n: NBAC0214P)
      • NetBotz USB to Serial RS-232 DB-9 Adapter Cable - 6ft/1.8m (p/n: NBAC0226)
      • NetBotz 0-5V Sensor Cable (p/n: NBAC0231)
      • NetBotz Small Device Tray (p/n: NBAC0236)
      • NetBotz Surface Mounting Brackets for NetBotz Room Monitor Appliance or Camera Pod (p/n: NBAC0301)
      • NetBotz Rack Mounting Bracket for NetBotz Camera Pod 160 (p/n: NBAC0302)
      • NetBotz POE Injector (p/n: NBAC0303)
      • NetBotz Extended Storage System (60GB) with Bracket (p/n: NBAS0201)
      • Netbotz Amp Detector 6-13G (UK, Ireland) (p/n: NBDA1301)
      • Netbotz Amp Detector 1-15 (for NEMA 5-15) (p/n: NBDA1501)
      • Netbotz Amp Detector 6-16C (Cont Europe) (p/n: NBDA1601)
      • Netbotz Amp Detector 6-16M (South Africa) (p/n: NBDA1602)
      • Netbotz Amp Detector 1-20 (for NEMA 5-20) (p/n: NBDA2001)
      • Netbotz Amp Detector 1-20L (for NEMA L5-20) (p/n: NBDA20L1)
      • Netbotz Amp Detector 6-20L (for NEMA L6-20) (p/n: NBDA20L2)
      • Netbotz Amp Detector 1-30L (for NEMA L5-30) (p/n: NBDA30L1)
      • NetBotz Amp Detector 6-30L (for NEMA L6-30) (p/n: NBDA30L2)
      • NetBotz Dry Contact Cable (p/n: NBDC0001)
      • NetBotz Door Switch Assembly - 50ft/15.2m (p/n: NBDC0002)
      • NetBotz Particle Sensor PS100 (p/n: NBES0201)
      • NetBotz Spot Fluid Sensor - 15 ft. (p/n: NBES0301)
      • NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for Rooms or 3rd Party Racks - 50 ft. (p/n: NBES0302)
      • NetBotz Door Switch Sensors (2) for an Rack - 12 ft. (p/n: NBES0303)
      • NetBotz Dry Contact Cable - 15 ft. (p/n: NBES0304)
      • NetBotz 0-5V Cable - 15 ft. (p/n: NBES0305)
      • NetBotz Vibration Sensor - 12 ft. (p/n: NBES0306)
      • NetBotz Smoke Sensor - 10 ft. (p/n: NBES0307)
      • NetBotz Leak Rope Sensor - 20 ft. (p/n: NBES0308)
      • NetBotz Leak Rope Extension - 20 ft. (p/n: NBES0309)
      • NetBotz Fluid Detector FD100 (p/n: NBFD0100B)
      • NetBotz Humidity Sensor HS10 (p/n: NBHS0100)
      • NetBotz Integration Pkg/HP OpenView V 6.4 Windows (p/n: NBIP0021HP)
      • NetBotz Integration Pkg/Whats up Gold V 7.8 (p/n: NBIP0031WU)
      • NetBotz Integration Pkg/WhatsUp Professional (p/n: NBIP0032WP)
      • NetBotz Sensor Pod 120 (p/n: NBPD0122)
      • NetBotz 4-20mA Sensor Pod (p/n: NBPD0129)
      • NetBotz Rack Sensor Pod 150 (p/n: NBPD0150)
      • NetBotz Room Sensor Pod 155 (p/n: NBPD0155)
      • NetBotz Camera Pod 160 (p/n: NBPD0160)
      • NetBotz External Temperature Sensor (p/n: NBTS0100)
      • NetBotz Advanced Software Pack #1 (p/n: NBWN0005)
      • NetBotz Device Monitoring (Five Nodes) Pack (p/n: NBWN0006)
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